Friday, March 13, 2009

Late Afternoon - Euro

I'm very pleased to report that this drawing is finished, or at least as finished as it's going to get. There's always a temptation to fiddle or add things but, for the most part, such fiddling doesn't seem to contribute anything to the picture.

Late Afternoon - Euro, Conte pencil, 23" x 13"

The Conte worked well, but it's a messy medium and I'm happy to bid it farewell for a while.  Besides, I've procrastinated long enough and my butcher bird painting awaits me!

Best wishes


Cathyann said...

Just found your site from another blog. I like your drawing very much. I especially like artists who share processes,as I also teach and love it almost as much as painting.And I learned about a Euro! Will be back to see more.

Colette Theriault said...

This is real nice Peter! I love your work and enjoy browsing your blog.

Grahame Butler said...

Great work on the grass,I know how much time this can take! will be back to look at future work, and thanks for following my blog.

From The Studio Floor said...

Dear Peter,
I'm glad you finished this piece.It looks great. I find it can be the kiss of death when I post incomplete paintings.I can never finish them afterwards. Thanks for saying nice things about my blog.I'm glad you discovered me. Keep up the great work. Conte can be messy but I love the texture and tonal quality of the medium.

Dean Richards said...

Wow Peter, You need to cut your lawn! Still seeing grass in your sleep? Nicely done and I love the subject. No roos here in the Adirondack Mountains.

Judy said...

I like your work and I love Australian wildlife so will be back to see what else you are working on.

Candace X. Moore said...

Peter, I'm in awe of the grass detail. The ridge of seed heads keeps the eye anchored on the Euro. Muted palette and lighting give the composition a warm and peaceful feeling. Very nice.

Lori Andrews said...

Gosh Peter, Such great detail in your works. :) I'm glad I found you here, thnks for your comment on myartspace, I think it was?? LOL I'm following you now! Loved the old antique value finder below. :)

Peter Brown said...

Thank you one and all for leaving such positive feedback.