Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Egret Emerges

After labouring over the rock wall in the early stages of this piece then having few opportunities to make progress over recent weeks, it was a welcome indulgence today as I took time out from rejuvenating our newly-acquired house and garden to turn my attention - prematurely perhaps - to the primary subject of the painting.

So far, I've managed to restrict my colours to combinations of ultramarine and burnt sienna, with titanium white making an appearance as I begin to establish the modelling of the egret's body and wings. Not only does a restricted palette such as this help bind the painting together, but with unavoidably long breaks between painting sessions, there's no chance I'll be unable to remember how I created a particular hue!

Ultimately, the success of this painting will hinge on my ability to convincingly portray the strongly backlit wing of the egret. Of course, even if I achieve that aim, I accept that the unusual composition is likely to meet with a mixed reception!