Friday, May 27, 2011


It's taken a three week holiday in Victoria and New South Wales, over three thousand kilometres east, to finally secure some useful photographs of Australia's "wild" dog.  As residents of a wildlife sanctuary, the dingoes pictured were anything but wild or inclined towards aggression - a series of affectionate licks of their keeper's face was evidence of that!  For another few dollars we could have entered their enclosure and handled them ourselves, but with limited time and so much else to see, we passed up on the opportunity - perhaps foolishly.

This pair appeared to be in prime condition, but it's worth acknowledging that in their natural state survival doesn't come so easily; the few wild animals I saw while living in Western Australia's rugged north were malnourished and generally in poor condition.

At some point I'm keen to feature these two in a painting or drawing, but for now, work continues to be a barrier to that happening.