Thursday, March 5, 2009

Productive Dithering

After a solid start on my painting of the butcher birds, I'm still dithering and finding ways to justify being distracted.

Part of the dithering process has involved discovering ancient relics in the storeroom.  The drawing below, of a mature red kangaroo, has been on my list of things to finish for around 15 years!  I know it's been that long because I have photos of my daughter hand feeding it; I'm guessing she would've been around ten years old at the time which helps me date it.

The front paws weren't finished and the reference photos I was relying on have long since disappeared, but with some judicious cropping and minor tinkering, I'm calling it finished.  I guess dithering can be productive after all!  

Kangaroo Study, mixed media, 13.5" x 14.5"

The drawing was done on Canson pastel paper using Lumograph EE pencil and a range of coloured Conte pencils.

Best wishes

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Candace X. Moore said...

Peter, I appreciated the sincere sentiments expressed in your first blog entry. It’s wonderful how art brings us face-to-face with ourselves in so many ways. Very happy you found my blog, because it’s given me an opportunity to view your art. I’m intrigued by your strong focus on the natural history of Australia and look forward to following along. Regards.