Thursday, February 19, 2009

Starting Over (Again!)

A love affair with art has been a constant in my life but, through circumstance or conflicting priorities, has risen to the surface only intermittently in any practical sense.

For many of us, life leads us in unexpected and sometimes unwelcome directions. We find ourselves unable to follow our heart's desires - we may even forget what they are - and it's not until we've reached a quieter, more reflective place later in life that we're able once again to indulge in those pursuits which captivated us in our carefree youth.

I've now seen my children grow to adulthood and, having long since discarded any aspirations of financial wealth, find myself turning once again to painting and drawing, not only as a form of relaxation, but hopefully as a viable commercial enterprise.

As soon as I'm able, I intend offering for sale a range of high-quality prints on paper and canvas and will develop a web site for that purpose when they become available.

In the meantime, I hope you can join me on my journey as I seek to recapture my unique style and share with you my vision of the Australian landscape and the diversity of its amazing wildlife.

Best wishes


Sandi & Pete said...

Can't wait to see your works of art Pete...I have subscribed to your blog.

Anonymous said...


Luminata said...

Love the artwork. Actually, I love people that have a love affair with art. Cheers! :)

pal4all said...

Its nice to see your blog! I hope i'll see your blog frequently. Keep fine.

C. S. Poppenga said...

'Happened upon your blog while enroute to other sites. Lovely work! I signed up to follow your blog and your progress in your return to art.
I, too, am an artist with a blog and a website (

Zsolt said...

Fine pictures!

Laurinart said...

Hi Pete,

Thank you for following my blog. I have signed up to follow yours. I'm originally from Canada so I am familiar with Bateman's work and he is certainly one of the great wildlife painters today. I have been following the tragic events in your country on the news. As a lover of wildlife you must be particularly pained to see the devastation these fires have caused.

I look forward to seeing more of your work when your website is up and thanks for visiting my blog.

Lili Laurin

Peter Brown said...

Lili, the human toll in the bushfires is terrible and the impact on wildlife is devastating, with some species pushed to the brink of extinction. With more hot weather and high winds on the way, the hope is that the fires have been brought under control.

Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog!