Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

Before I owned a digital camera I used to worry about composition as my finger was poised over the camera's shutter release button; there was of course no easy way to manipulate an image once I'd committed the shot to film.  For me now, with a digital camera and a Photoshop-enabled laptop, I'm less particular about composing a shot - it's so easy to fine-tune my images later.  The creative process therefore begins at home, or even back in our solar-powered camp when we're at a remote location.

With the image described in my last post printed out on high-definition A4  paper, I've begun the process of transposing it onto a sheet of 640gsm watercolour paper.  Watercolour paper it may be, but I class watercolour painting as a form of masochism and have a strong preference for acrylics.

To more accurately transfer the image onto the drawing surface, I've taken the liberty of drawing a grid onto the printed image.  A grid having the same scale has also been lightly drawn onto the watercolour paper.

I'm a little out of practice so the preparatory drawing is probably more detailed than it needs to be.  As it's a time-consuming process, I hope it pays off when the time comes for some paint to hit the paper.  So far so good I tell myself.

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