Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Studio/Workshop Progress Report - Stump Holes

I shopped around the local area for someone to dig the 80 stump holes required, but either the quotes I received were prohibitively expensive, or the contractor I contacted was too busy to carry out the work.

I finally tracked down a machinery hire company in the area and, after some anguish and uncertainty, resolved to complete the task myself using a Kanga digger and a 400mm auger, over a couple of days. However, when I went to collect the machine, the 400mm auger I'd asked for wasn't in their collection of attachments.

The machinery hire company was apologetic and recommended a local operator with a Dingo digger. It turns out they did me huge favour; Ron (a real character!) and his Dingo dug the holes in a little over two hours and the cost was so ridiculously low I actually felt guilty when I handed over the cash!


Before I arrange for the building inspector to pay a visit to verify that the holes are of the correct diameter and depth, I need to clean the loose soil from the holes - not an insignificant task!


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