Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Egret - A Hint of Colour!

After developing what I felt was an effective range of techniques and the beginnings of an identifiable style using acrylic paints, I felt quite daunted by the challenges posed by oils and was unsure how to proceed with this painting initially.

After dusting off some old art books and trawling the internet for guidance, I was able to develop a loose plan and make a tentative start. Having drawn in the egret and the major lines which define the structure of the painting, an under-painting in raw umber to roughly establish darks and lights was my first nervous step with this oil painting. The simple act of covering up that brilliant white expanse of canvas with a dilute layer of paint was enough to lift my spirits and, although I'm still feeling my way as I continue to refine darks and lights, I'm satisfied enough with the way this painting is progressing at this very early stage.



Colette Theriault said...

Wow, love the rocks already Pete! Looks like you haven't lost your touch but I understand you being nervous. Looking forward to the next update.

Erik van Elven said...

Looking very promising already Peter!
You've covered a lot of canvas already.

Peter Brown said...

Thanks Colette and Erik. I'm making good progress and even managing to put in some hours after work which was previously unheard of. I guess I must be enjoying the process!

Sandy Byers said...

Peter, It is so nice to see you back on the "block." Your rock formations are amazing, even at this stage. I look forward to seeing your new masterpiece awaken.

Peter Brown said...

Thanks Sandy - more soon!

Lynda Schumacher said...

Hi Pete;
I so admire your attention to issues relative to composition and movement; they are such important concepts......the importance of which I have not fully realized until the past year or so. And you are OIL PAINTING......I am so jealous. I have felt a longing to do so, but have been a big chicken.......never having been a painter, but rather one who draws. In time, I guess. Bravo to you. Looking forward to seeing this one; and so glad you are going to have an area specific to your artwork in your new home.

Peter Brown said...

Lynda, yes, I'm oil painting, but only time will tell whether I "stick" with oils; I'm missing the relative comfort of my more familiar acrylics already!

I have limited formal art training and what little I had seemed to dodge the all-important subject of composition. It frustrated me no end and was perhaps the main reason I deserted my "studies"; in fact, I walked out of a class, never to return! I sought out a knowledgeable local artist instead, with a view to improving my skills and knowledge in the areas I felt needed particular attention. I wish he was still living locally - I feel the need for guidance once more!

Having resumed blogging duties, I can now feel justified in nagging you about your own blog - I hope you have a good excuse for neglecting it!

Clive Meredith said...

coming along very nicely peter,the rocks look great already!

Peter Brown said...

Thanks Clive - I hope to work on the rocks some more over the weekend.