Monday, January 21, 2019

Studio/Workshop Progress Report - Framing Complete!

There have been some barriers and distractions over the past couple of months, and I haven't matched the rate of progress I would like to have achieved. Nevertheless, I'm pleased to report that the timber framework is finally complete.

As I've reached each goal over these past months I've felt a sense of accomplishment that's often been mixed with feelings of relief; this building project has been a solo effort so far, and I must admit that there have been some stages along the way that have become tedious as well as taxing in a physical sense. Nevertheless, it's been rewarding to have ticked each box on the "to do" list, and, having done so, given myself permission to come up for air long enough to reflect on what I've achieved. After a very brief respite, it's been time to square my shoulders and look ahead once more, anticipating the next set of logistical and physical hurdles.

More so than at any point previously, completing the timber framework marks a truly significant milestone that encompasses all of those mini milestones I've alluded to in the paragraph above. I can now look forward to engaging the professionals to install the roofing sheets, guttering and down-pipes, after which I'll finally be in a position to order the straw bales that will form the walls. It's tempting to think that at this point I'm entering the home stretch, but I'm old enough and wise enough to know better than that! 


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