Thursday, August 2, 2018

Studio/Workshop Progress Report - Posts and Beams

My last update at the beginning of May seems like a lifetime ago! That particular blog post dealt with the the installation of stumps, so I'm pleased to report that there's been significant progress in the intervening months.

Despite the loss of a several days due to other work commitments and inclement weather, I've finally erected all of the necessary posts and beams around the perimeter of the building. The beams above the deck on the northern side of the building will have to wait until the deck itself is in place; it will provide a firm platform and improve my chances of surviving a multitude of trips up and down ladders - descending in a controlled manner is my preference!

The supporting framework around windows and doors requires some substantial timber posts, and there are some additional hefty pieces of wood above them whose primary purpose is to contribute to lateral bracing of the walls. Cutting, drilling and attaching the steel brackets that secure the lintels above the windows became quite tedious; by the time they were in place I was definitely ready to move on to the next stage.

I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of a large beam that runs the length of the workshop. It supports the rafters and is located at the point of transition between the steeper gable portion of the roof on the northern side of the building and the more gently sloping skillion portion of the roof on the southern side.


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