Thursday, July 9, 2009

Progress - At a Snail's Pace

You can see what slow progress I'm making when you compare the previous image with this one, taken after yet another day's work!



April Jarocka said...

Peter it is looking truely amazing - photorealistic. You must be cross eyed with all the detail on the rocks. You have a fan in Ireland!

Peter Brown said...

Thanks April. With your weakness for all things rocky, I could've predicted you'd like it!

Grahame Butler said...

you must be very pkeased with this piece Peter, you have achieved a great feeling of depth in the rocks, they are very realistic, look forward to seeing the finished painting..

Peter Brown said...

Thanks Grahame. At this stage I'm a bit fed up with it - I look forward to its completion too.

There's a strong case for smaller works I can complete while I'm still feeling inspired!