Sunday, April 12, 2009

Farewell - For a While

One of the things which has frustrated me since I decided to give art another chance has been my distinct lack of really good reference photos.   That should all change over the next six weeks.

Sandi has finally convinced me to spend a couple of weeks in her home state of Victoria, part of the country I've previously dismissed as being one of "the eastern states", as if it wasn't deserving of recognition in its own right!  If her glowing descriptions are anywhere near accurate, I'm sure that its landscape, vegetation and wildlife will inspire me.  With a new digital SLR around my neck, there should be many opportunities to record it photographically.

When we arrive home, it's time to load up the car and head north for a month of snorkelling, fishing and kayaking.   With Ningaloo Reef, Cape Range and Yardie Creek in close proximity to our proposed camp, the camera will again see plenty of action and I hope to return home fitter, more relaxed and even keener to continue with my artistic rebirth.  With a collection of fresh, clear photographs, I'm sure I'll resume my painting and drawing efforts with renewed enthusiasm.

We spotted the sign above during our last visit to the area - good thing we're leaving the bicycles at home!

Although I'll pack art materials on both our trips, I'm unsure how much I'll get to use them and whether I'll have anything blogworthy to report.  I'll certainly be keeping tabs on many of my fellow bloggers and I look forward, as always, to following their progress.

Best wishes

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April Jarocka said...

Good Luck Peter. Hope the photos all come out for you!